Connecting Circles

PCB Terminal Blocks

PCB terminal blocks use an error-proofing design and an assortment of techniques to provide electricity or signal transmissions for a variety of industrial applications. They also comply with international certifications.

  • PCB Connector-Plug
  • PCB Connector-Socket
  • PCB Terminal Blocks
  • Transformer Terminal Blocks
  • Panel Feed-Through Blocks
  • Special Type Terminal Blocks

DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

These terminal blocks are mounted on TS-35/32 DIN rails. They offer a various selection of connection methods and compliment the complete range of accessories. These types of terminal blocks are ideal for industrial power distribution equipment and control panel wiring applications.

  • Screw Connection
  • Spring Clamp Connection
  • Stud Connection
  • Busbar Terminal Blocks
  • DIN Installation Accessories

Barrier Terminal Blocks

This product, that is compliant with UL1059 standards, is designed with a simple and rigid structure that is suitable for higher current and voltage applications. A wide range of pitch sizes are available, as well as terminal pins and screw designs for different applications.

  • Single Row
  • Bi-level
  • Pluggable
  • Panel Feed-Through
  • Panel Mounting
  • Wire Terminal
  • Insertion Bridges

NEMA Terminal Blocks

NEMA terminal blocks adopt the screw connection design with a unique washer to assist in keeping wires stable even in a vibrating environment. This product range is specifically designed for power transmission in control panels and power distribution cabinets and can be mounted on a DIN Rail or on a panel.


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