MGR @ The annual electronic packaging and electro–mechanical solutions 2016 conference

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On December 6th, 2016, we were delighted to participate in the annual electronic packaging and electro–mechanical solutions 2016 conference. We presented innovations and advanced solutions in the electronic packaging and electro–mechanical fields.


Plastic and aluminum enclosures

Plastic and metal, off-the-shelf or custom-made enclosures crafted per your specifications and needs!


IEC Lock

The unique patented lockable female c13 & c19 IEC connectors and outlets, that guards against accidental disconnection of computers, PDU’s, servers and most network devices.


Power Cords

Large variety of custom-made and off-the-shelf power cords.


Dinkle Bus

The Dinkle Bus portfolio consists of enclosures, a bus plate and accessories. All enclosures can be mounted on the bus plate for inter-connection of signal and power. The bus plate features a grounding function that ensures undisrupted signal transmission and power safety. The patented misplacement-proofing structure and quaternary coder markers assist users to complete wiring jobs conveniently and efficiently.


High Power + Signal Connectors

The products offer solutions for power supplies and host-to-card interfaces. They also provide customized power distribution solutions to integrate connector, PCB, and bus bar technologies. Among the benefits and features are: Open blade design or greater heat dissipation. Very low contact resistance to minimize heat. Single blade with multiple points of contact for stable and secure mating.

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