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Versatile enclosures for every purpose

Enclosures are essential when it comes to protecting electrical components from external damage and failure. We supply enclosures for telecommunications, biomedical, lab equipment, safety and home automation, measurement and organization and consumer electronics businesses. Amongst other enclosures, we deliver:

  • Pocket Size enclosures
  • 19” Rack Enclosures
  • Wall Support Enclosures
  • DIN Rail Enclosures
  • Handheld Enclosures

IP certified enclosures and various manufacturing materials

Special Heavy-duty enclosures with IP65 as well as water and dust protected enclosures with IP67 certification.


Custom-made enclosures crafted per your specifications and needs

We customize enclosures based on the required design, need, specifications and according to compatible standards.

The ability to custom-make special enclosures is enabling us to define the right product, size, material and even color to fit your request.

Various manufacturing materials

  • Aluminium extrusion, die-cast, stamping and forging
  • Plastic molding
  • Metal compartments

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